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084 Atacama Carpets
Atacama is a series of rugs made in viscose – a semi-synthetic and highly versatile fibre obtained from cellulose. The rugs have a shiny, smooth and soft appearance, like silk. The viscose brings out the surface details, absorbs and reflects the l..
084 In Touch Carpets
084 Maglia Carpets
Fique is a strong, versatile fibre from Colombia and once used to make coffee sacks and agricultural yarns. Today, the natural fibre is hand spun before being knitted on special long needles for making uniquely beautiful rugs. Maglia, which means..
084 Paglietta Carpets
084 Tantra Carpets
The Tantra rug stems from the hand loom technique, in which production is carried out on a loom using entirely manual processes. Its geometric pattern, obtained by repeating a simple pattern memorized by the weaver, recalls the rigorous and accura..
I Tappeti - Billie
To mark the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Max Huber, Poltrona Frau pays homage to the famous Swiss artist and graphic designer with Billie and Dizzy, a collection of rugs based on drawings of two unproduced works taken from..
I Tappeti - Chado
Simona Cremascoli intertwines the tactile charm of knotting with the visual image evoked by the name ‘Chado’, which in Japanese means ‘tea ceremony’. In fact, the delicate lattice pattern on the Chado rugs is inspired by the locations dedicat..
I Tappeti - Land
Contemporary design and time-honoured artisan traditions meet in the Land rugs. The dye of this yarn offers up incredibly saturated and deep shades like rust, charcoal grey, dark blue and natural.  The colours of the earth. In fact, the ..
I Tappeti - Pecan
A soft, warm and full-bodied surface. A soft extension of the bed or seat on which to stretch out, curl up, play, relax, read and walk barefooted. The Pecan rugs stem from in-depth Simona Cremascoli research into tricot process..
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