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Elgreco Gallery Cyprus

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A sophisticated new player for the bedroom. Dorian Mirror. A simple rectangle that elegantly combines the stark, bright glass surface with the warmth of the leather-bound frame.  Genteel minimalism and well-thought details make it an across-the-..
A large frame with a leather finishing, in Pelle Frau® leather, surrounds two large rectangular mirrors, to be fixed to a wall or indeed laid on the ground, thanks to its hinged metal legs...
Le Miroir "S"
Mirror that takes the elliptical shape of Les Grands Transparents, reproducing the “S” of Simon as it was designed by Man Ray. It is finished with serigraph bright wire with hard polyurethane backing...
Les Grands Trans-Parents
Silk-screened elliptical mirror with hard polyurethane backing. Serial production of the original piece of art by Man Ray from 1938. A play on words written on a larger mirror...
Mirror with beveled edge along vertical side, with matt or gloss polyester lacquered stand. Like an arrow-loop letting light peep through the wall. This elongated rectangle reflects back all that surrounds it...
Mirror. 5-mm-thick panes of glass overlapped and bounded, ready to be mounted on the wall either horizontally or vertically using stainless steel ratchets welded directly onto the glass...
Mirror. Plate glass 5 mm thick. The mirror outline is made of cowhide in the shade of gold, interwoven with Alcantara® in the shades gold, blue and violet. Wall fasteningbymeans of a bronzedmetalplate...
The Ren furnishing accessory collection is the result of studies of the home entryway by Neri & Hu. This collection showcases the nature of the domestic throughway, with a series of objects that are hybrid in their function and materials and it c..
Milo 465
Mirror Venus de Milo’s silhouette plate glass, with stainless steel pawl for hanging. ..
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