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145 Cotone Sofa
The Cotone range expands with a new comfortable sofa that is characterised by the same distinctive frame in extruded aluminium available in four colours: grey-blue, red, champagne and graphite. This frame, seemingly simple due to its min..
191 Moov
A raised sofa with clean-cut lines whose lightness of touch makes it ideal in any setting and for any use. This sectional system is highly versatile, both in terms of its shape and its affordable price-point. With its soft and comfortable seat tha..
192-193 Miloe
A ground sofa, Miloe possesses a versatile and modular spirit, and is easy to shape into inviting configurations that are extremely comfortable, while being designed for both relaxation and conversation. Available in two depths, in either feat..
202 8
Classic comfort and elegance bespeak the minimal yet versatile proportions of the Otto sofa, whose modular structure combines premier construction skills and bespoke upholstery expertise in every detail. Otto’s extruded aluminium base lends itself..
204 Scighera
A sofa system with soft, generous proportions, that are at the same time light and minimal, designed to be versatile, functional and comfortable. Feather-filled, the Scighera collection includes a wide array of seating as well as modular elements ..
206 8 Cube
An evolution of the iconic 8 sofa, 8 cube collection revisits and softens up the sober and minimal style of the original. Otto Cube is extra comfortable thanks to its state-of-the-art construction, with light-weight Dacron filling for the cushions..
241 Privé Divano
A sophisticated and attractive collection of sofas, dignified and formal in its design, yet highly versatile and suited to any setting. Both stylish and unusual, classic yet assertive, the Privé collection consists of a number of elements, all up..
244 MyWorld
A system for the living area that is both comfortable and functional, featuring a simple and relaxing style, designed to be both a haven of comfort and a place where one can be “always on”. A challenge that was both structural and aesthetic: to tr..
249 Volage Ex-s
A sectional sofa, characterised by a wide array of elements and a timelessly elegant aesthetic, suitable for any living room space. This sofa features an innovative approach to Cassina’s state-of-the-art capitonné technique, where the traditional ..
250 Met Divano
A raised sofa featuring formal lines, pure and geometric, whose extreme simplicity combines comfort, versatility, and impeccable elegance? Its clean-cut and inviting volumes bespeak flexibility and ease of use, and are expressed in an ample array ..
271 Mex Cube
Simple and flexible volumes, minimal and versatile, designed to adapt to many contexts, thanks to the many elements and configurations available. Mex Cube is an idea that became a design, a dynamic and creative system, open to multiple interpretat..
272 Mex-Hi
Modular and versatile, thanks to the variety of elements and configurations available, the Mex-Hi system consists of five different sized bases on which the independent cushions - armrests, backrests and seats - are fastened to create corners, in..
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