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Visitors & Conference Chairs

.03 Chair
The aesthetic hallmark of the .03 chair is its sleek, slim shape – a design that can be seen as an expression of the concept 'less is more'. At the same time, the chair is unexpectedly comfortable: made of resilient polyurethane integral foam, the li..
An armchair, a dining chair and a sofa, of a simple style, familiar and authentic, created thanks to the extraordinary crafts skills proprietary to Cassina. The initial design, Le Tentazioni, dates from 1973, the objective being to find an alterna..
Chancellor Conference
Designed by Lievore - Altherr - Molina, the Chancellor Conference chair has a simple and international design. With its compact, elegant and light profile, Chancellor Conference is an ideal meeting table. The sled base of the Chancel..
Practical yet elegant, Donald is a folding chair made from a single structure that is reminiscent of a duck’s beak: a pivoted die-cast limited section aluminium arch, with polished or matt finish, that guides and supports the seat, disappearing co..
Downtown Conference
The DownTown collection is now even more complete and versatile. Alongside the President, Executive, Managerial, Meeting and Visitor models in the Office collection, Jean-Marie Massaud has designed three new DownTown Conference cha..
Ego Meeting
The Ego chair represents the formal simplicity of a comfortable embrace. Pininfarina has designed a seat with understated geometries and a strong visual presence in the workspace. The supporting structure is made from steel wit..
Forum Bridge
The Forum Bridge chair, designed by Poltrona Frau R. & D., adopts the classical forms and details of Poltrona Frau's artisanal tradition, such as the spiral on the backrest and seat. The supporting structure of Forum Bridge is in woo..
With the Ginger armchair Roberto Lazzeroni designs a seat of refined simplicity. A saddle-leather and leather shell with clean, simple and comfortable forms. Welcoming and protective, the Ginger armchair is enriched with elega..
Ginger Ale
Comfortable, versatile, elegant, the Ginger Ale armchair is just at home in the workspace, as a workstation or meeting room chair, as it is in the domestic setting, in the study or dining room. To cater for all needs, Roberto Lazzer..
In the late 1980's Lella and Massimo Vignelli were commissioned to design a television set for the broadcasting of the news. It would usher in a new approach to news broadcasting: rather than simply “talking heads”, people would now be s..
K06 Aki Biki Canta
A design that responds to the needs of modern-day society and the rhythms of life in the era of the home office, where the technology is “always on”, as much in the home as it is in the work space. The objective was to create a mobile sitting-room..
Liza 2271 - 2271R
Armchairs. Legs in solid natural painted oak, or in natural canaletto walnut. Sling with armrests of polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre, in the shades white or black. Seat cushion upholstered with self- extinguishing polyurethane foam. Re..
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