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Child`s Chair


Children are in the business of play. These little explorers have big ideas and continuously changing needs.

The Child’s Chair serves both the play and practice of these young explorers, offering a mean of developing motor skills through imagination. Not only is the chair colorful and flexible in use, its adjustable slots offer endless possibilities for work and play. The seat can be adjusted to make a high or low chair, or can be removed to make for a crawl space or cradle. If the smaller plate is added, younger children have a little multipurpose table for eating, drawing or playing.

Material: Molded plywood and laminate
Dimension: L41 W45 H31 cm

About Designer
Kristian Vedel

Point of view and empathy define the work of Kristian Vedel. Greatly influenced by Kaare Klint, the father of modern Danish furniture design, as well as the German Bauhaus school, his now-classic modern designs are characterized by a creative use of materials, especially plastics and wood, and with a strong sense for ergonomic and functional requirements. 

In an interview he famously stated, "The starting point for an architect's work must always be that he, from his own point of view, and as objectively as possible, takes a position with regard to what he perceives as the needs of society and his fellow man; he must personally take a stand with regards to existing possibilities and responsibilities."


Embodying this philosophy, Vedel’s work goes beyond objects: from 1968-1971 he organized and led the Department of Industrial Design at the University of Nairobi. 

Born: 1923
Education: Copenhagen School of Arts, Crafts and Design
Awards: Silver medal at La Triennale di Milano for children's furniture (1957), Gold Medal at La Triennale di Milano stackable melamine dishes and containers, Lunning Prize (1962).