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 Metal Wall Relief
Alexander Girard devoted great attention to every visible surface in an interior. Ceilings, walls and floors were treated with great care and coordinated with the moveable objects in the room.The Metal Wall Reliefs are decorative examples of wall dec..
081 Réaction Poétique
Jamie Hayon has created a collection of streamlined, functional objects, perfectly suited to the contemporary home, conceived with an almost religious dedication to the one material used, wood.  These sculptural pieces employ form, li..
088 Bomaki Object
Bomaki is an oriental-inspired vase with a simple shape in exotic colours that reflect through the transparent glass. It is available in two heights, 30 and 14cm, in transparent amethyst and transparent green glass...
088 Coral Object
Inspired by coral and its characteristic twisted shapes, the organic form of the Coral vase looks like it has been molded by the sea’s currents. The vase is in hand-blown venetian glass with a textured net finish reminiscent of a coral’s irregular..
088 Jelly Object
Like a bright coloured jellyfish, the Jelly vase plays with light, transparency and lightness. Made in hand-blown venetian glass, it is available in h.16cm in transparent amethyst or smoked glass...
088 Silvan Object
Inspired by a lily and its sinuous shape that retains water, Silvan is a hand-blown venetian glass vase available in two heights, 38 and 26cm, in shaded pink or shaded amethyst...
Cassina in collaboration with Venini The English designer Bethan Laura Wood interprets the synthesis between the centenary art of Murano glass and contemporary design with a fruit bowl and a cylindrical flower vase, produced by Venini. The v..
Algues by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are plastic elements which resemble plants. They can be linked to create weblike structures – ranging from transparent curtains to solid room dividers. Algues are available in a selection of colours and come in..
SMALL BIRDS, BIG THOUGHTSAves is created by Swedish architect and artist Co Derr. Co Derr was very keen on finding the essentials of the motive bird, and throughout his career he tried to simplify the shape of Aves until he reached a form, that c..
A practical alternative to a traditional newspaper rack, this wooden basket can hold everything from magazines to knitting projects. It is easy to move and is in keeping with Fritz Hansen’s tradition of working with steam bent wood and fine veneer..
TURNING HEADS SINCE 1959Now a legend, BIRD is the essence of Danish design. Though simple in appearance, its clean lines create endless expressions by merely tilting its head in virtually any direction.Created as a family, BIRD can express happi..
Bowl No. 1
Bowl No. 1 is Swiss design duo PlueerSmitt’s characteristically wondrous take on the classic lidded trinket box. On top, a ceramic dome with an added rectangular shape hinting at its actual function as a lid, a deliberate asymmetry adding intrigue..
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