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Home Office

244 Myworld Tavolino
Freestanding low table with top in natural oak, Santos rosewood or lacquered in different colours. Legs in chromed aluminium alloy...
35 Maison Du Bresil
An entire room for sale, a faithful reproduction of a student room in the Maison du Brésil, inaugurated in 1959 at the Cité Internationale of the University of Paris. In the early 1950s, the Brazilian government commissioned the design from the ar..
511 Ventaglio
Revolutionary as much as it is quite different from any other in terms of shape and potential, this multifunctional table is a perfect summation of Charlotte Perriand’s take on l’art de vivre. The structure consists of the simple but perfect p..
525 Table En Forme Libre
Charlotte Perriand started work on the tables en forme libre in 1938.Originally intended for her own atelier in the Montparnasse area of central Paris, they went into production courtesy of Galerie Steph Simon at the end of the 1950s. All rounded ..
527 Mexique
Included as one of the tables en forme libre created between 1938 and 1939, the final design was developed in 1952 for the students’ rooms of the Maison du Mexique at the Cité Universitaire Internationale in Paris.  With a frame designed to..
816 PA’ 1947
The idea for this console table, designed by Ico Parisi in 1947 for a private client, stemmed from a few lines drawn on a sheet of paper: a horizontal line and two oblique lines to define a structure with almost perfect proportions and an organic ..
833 Cavalletto
This table, with its minimal lines and an extremely light look, underscores the extensive thought, by Franco Albini, and the advanced wood-working skills, by Cassina, that went into its creation.  Its stability based on the principle of oppos..
839 TL3
Franco Albini designed this table using the strut element that he had already employed in the design of the Veliero and Infinito bookshelves. In this instance, the legs serve as the vertical elements, solid, turned along their entire surface excep..
840 Stadera
This table/writing desk, designed by Franco Albini consists of two trapezoidal planes, one smaller than the other, on a single steel support. This balancing act is characterised by the material richness of the planes, which are available in three ..
AJ52 Society Table
A timeless example of the Danish architect’s functionalist approach to design, Arne Jacobsen’s AJ52 Society Table was conceived in 1952, at the peak of his career. Jacobsen harnessed new techniques and materials to create the slender writing desk,..
Albini Desk
Franco Albini’s 1928 desk combines glass, steel and wood with striking clarity and balance. A clear demonstration of Albini’s rationalist design philosophy and minimalist aesthetic, the design derives its appeal through simplicity of form and cele..
Cache Console
The foundation of the Cache series, part of Paul McCobb’s extensive Planner series, is a beautifully simplistic and easy table with slim and straight steel legs, stripped from any details or ornament, leaving only small drawers that can be mounte..
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