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083 Deadline
The mirrors making up the Deadline collection by Ron Gilad are ingeniously designed hybrid objects, combining premier engineering and carpentry skills of the highest order. Twelve unique pieces, each set in its own black or white ashwood frame, ea..
A sophisticated new element for the bedroom. The Dorian mirror is a simple rectangle that stylishly combines its cool and luminous glass surface with the warm saddle-leather that covers the frame. Elegantly minimalist, the Dorian’s well..
Les Grands Trans-Parents
A mirror that reveals its special, unexpected, touch wherever it is used, the enigmatic wordplay screen-printed on the glass merging with whatever is being reflected. Created by Man Ray, the American painter, photographer and film-maker. One of th..
Handmade from painted aquarelle graphics, a printed mirror by Studio Roso stands out as a piece of art on its own. The design process ensures that no two mirrors are the same. Every round, steel plate is stunning and produces a beautiful, unique ..
Mirror with beveled edge along vertical side, with matt or gloss polyester lacquered stand. Like an arrow-loop letting light peep through the wall. This elongated rectangle reflects back all that surrounds it...
Ren Complementary Units
Ren, floor and wall mirror and mirror clothes rack, is part of the large collection designed by Neri & Hu for the entrance hall, the place where we welcome guests and offer them the first taste of our furnishing style. With the..
Table Mirror
Designed in the 1950s by the late Paul McCobb, this design is truly timeless. A slender frame and marble shelf underpin the sleek, timeless aesthetic, while a 360-degree swivel rotation ensures the perfect mirror angle...
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