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El Greco Contracts LTD

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Home Fragrances
A collection of essential oils for the home created by Emmanuel Philip as an excursion around the world, between exotic notes, invitations to meditate and reminiscences of Italy. Born in Grasse, the city in Provence known for its superlative perfu..
Le Monde de
THE ART OF THE TABLE The exclusivity of a hand-decorated porcelain dinnerware service, based on ancient influences filtered through the modern sensibilities of an extraordinary pioneer of modernity.  Charlotte Perriand was also a pho..
Designed by Michele De Lucchi and proposed in two models by Poltrona Frau, no two Marianne vases are completely alike. Each one is a unique designer object, a true example of the art of blown glass. The glass is blown in an open mould consisting o..
Radio in cristallo
THE ESSENCE OF AIRY LIGHTNESS A radio at the forefront of modern Italian design, developed from a canny intuition to put the electrical components in plain view, thereby exposing the public to the technology, demonstrating how it works. ..
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