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Low Tables

515 Plana
A coffee table in solid wood, extremely complex in terms of technology yet very simple in terms of design, this piece was created by Charlotte Perriand in 1969 for the Japanese embassy in Paris. The ideas for this table derives from the impact mad..
520 Accordo
This low table, with its audacious sculptural look, was designed by Charlotte Perriand on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition of her works held at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 1985. Originally intended as a one-off, this was ..
527 Mexique
Included as one of the tables en forme libre created between 1938 and 1939, the final design was developed in 1952 for the students’ rooms of the Maison du Mexique at the Cité Universitaire Internationale in Paris.  With a frame designed to..
529 Rio
Currently available in just one size, the Rio low table was originally created by Charlotte Perriand as two. Between 1962, the year she designed the piece and 1967, Charlotte Perriand made a larger version intended for the Japanese embassy in Pari..
530 Gueridon J.M.
This multi-purpose low table was designed in 1953 by Charlotte Perriand for the residence of her husband who was, at the time, head of Air France’s Japanese division in Tokyo.  Only nine examples of this stackable table were originally produc..
535 Table à Plateau Interchangeable
The original, historic model was created in 1937 for Charlotte Perriand’s workshop in Montparnasse. The base consisted of three circular legs joined by crosspieces which supported the tabletop. This, as the name implied, was interchangeable. A pro..
551 Super Beam Sofa System
The Super Beam Sofa System low tables embody the concept of modularity through the countless configurations offered by their simple layout. The system is completed by a chaise longue and by freestanding low tables&nbs..
554 Bowy Table
The Bowy side tables, with tapered forms just like the original indoor sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola in 2018, also come in an outdoor version. Available in two different sizes, both of which have an aluminium sheet structure with mud textured..
623 Lewis Coffee Tables
These low square tables consist of six pieces: two horizontals at top and bottom, into which are slotted four verticals, in the interior of which is a surface onto which objects can be placed. This composition creates a dynamic where the horizonta..
A collection that became emblematic of the 1960s, an era of optimism and experimentation, when the focus was on unremitting functionality. Designed by Gianfranco Frattini, these four low tables, the smallest being 42 cm in diameter and the largest..
834 Cicognino
Dubbed Cicognino, or “little stork”, this iconic design, is clean-cut and refined, witty yet reassuringly familiar. Franco Albini designed this table by reducing the frame to its essentials: the three slender legs, a table-top 40cm in diameter, an..
AJ Trolley
A mobile side table design with a sophisticated, architectural edge. Arne Jacobsen originally designed this elegant trolley for his tea. It has now been revived from the Fritz Hansen archive to serve as a bar cart, serving trolley or side table. T..
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