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Bookcases & Cabinets

Albero Limited Edition
After the huge success of the re-release of the freestanding Albero bookcase, a little-known yet very fascinating and masterful piece created by Gianfranco Frattini in the late 1950s, Poltrona Frau is launching the Albero Limited Edition in olive woo..
Chest. Signed original. Elm-wood frame. Maple panels with polychrome inlays. Inside with drop-front drawer...
Bedroom piece. Signed original. Wooden frame with polychrome inlay. Inside are a drawer and a rod for clothes hangers...
A storage unit with modern lines, although of classical inspiration, that becomes the emblem of the Ultrarazionale collection, in this case an example of ancient lacquering techniques are being customized for industrial-level manufacturing. The ic..
C.E.O. Cube Cabinet
The pure form, the blend of materials, the solidity of a technically-advanced structure, the soul of Poltrona Frau. Lella and Massimo Vignelli design micro architectures rather than straightforward items of furniture to deftly divide an..
Chest of drawers. Nine originals numbered and signed. Frame and feet in wood, polychrome inlay. Handles in red anodised aluminum. Drawer interiors in natural beech. Each series features a different colour sequence of the wooden inla..
Chest of drawers. Signed original. Lacquered wood frame with hand-painted polychrome decoration. Handles in natural anodised aluminum. Drawer interiors in grey lacquered wood...
Poised on a slim metal stem, Comodo’s wood cabinet is set off-centre with a lidded compartment. Castiglioni and Pozzi’s elegant multi-purpose unit can be used as a bedside table, a tray, a coffee table or simply as a storage box for all your favou..
These modular storage units work equally well in the living area as in the bedroom. Available in glossy or matte finish, using the traditional lacquering techniques that are employed on other pieces from the SimonCollezione. Flexible and modular, ..
Fidelio Cabinet
When designing the Fidelio series (Low Cabinet, High Cabinet and Mobile Bar), Roberto Lazzeroni opted for a deliberately clean design combined with precious materials: formal simplicity and sophisticated finishes for a versatile collecti..
Fidelio Multimedia Cabinet
Roberto Lazzeroni enriches the series of Fidelio storage units with the new Fidelio Multimedia Cabinet. A versatile accessory, ideal for housing the TV and stereo in the living room, which revisits the aesthetics of the collection. Clean..
Fidelio Notte
Fidelio Notte: chest of drawers, tall boy and bedside table for the bedroom. As with the rest of the Fidelio series, the designs are clean and the materials fine. Roberto Lazzeroni uses functional details to create highly ..
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