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Stools & Benches

 Tabouret Métallique
The practical stool Tabouret Métallique (1936) by Jean Prouvé, which can also be used as a small side table, exhibits structural affinities with the later Trapèze table...
057 Civil Bench
Cassina continues its study of the furniture of the city of Chandigarh and adds the Civil Bench to the Hommage à Pierre Jeanneret Collection; a collection that stands out for its essential forms and simple materials, a balance between modern Europ..
245–248 Caprice stool / Passion stool
The Caprice/Passion collection of chairs has now been extended by the addition of two new stools. These are characterised by an aluminium stem base, while the seat reflects the features of the Caprice chair and the Passion armchair, respectively...
312 Willow 1
This throne-like armchair is a new iteration of the model that CRM donated, in 1904, to the “Willow Tea Rooms” in Glasgow, his native city. The tall semi-circular back served to separate the entrance area from the tea-room behind it. The back enco..
410 Cab
“This was a new kind of chair, constructed totally out of leather, much cloned since then.” Thus Mario Bellini describes Cab, a best-seller that he designed in the 1970s, which is now a signature piece in Cassina’s I Contemporanei collection. Cab ..
514 Refolo
A modular system featuring simple, essential volumes, Refolo was created by Charlotte Perriand in Tokyo in 1953, yet remains as current as it was then. The design prioritised functionality, leading the designer to simplify shapes, drawing her insp..
523 Tabouret Méribel / 524 Tabouret Berger
Both pieces are inspired by the mountains. While the latter takes its name from the milking-stool used by alpine shepherds, the former is inspired by the French locality much loved by designer and architect Charlotte Perriand. These furnishing acc..
530 Gueridon J.M.
This multi-purpose low table was designed in 1953 by Charlotte Perriand for the residence of her husband who was, at the time, head of Air France’s Japanese division in Tokyo.  Only nine examples of this stackable table were originally produc..
531 Mexique Stool
In addition to the new table versions (dining, two new low table heights and a bar version), the Mexique family is now enlarging with the introduction of two new stools available in two different heights, 45 cm. and 72 cm. The “en forme libre” sea..
8 Tabouret tournant
Part of the Collection  Le Corbusier®, Pierre Jeanneret®, Charlotte Perriand®, the iconic tabouret swivel stool draws inspiration from the Fauteuil tournant designed by Charlotte Perriand for her Paris apartment in Place Saint-Sulpice and tha..
9 Tabouret
Included in the Collection Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand, the Tabouret historic design stool has a very special architectural shape that faithfully reflects the author’s love of conceptual harmony. For use as a low stool, l..
Fluid and dynamic lines. Ergonomic, decidedly contemporary design. The Alo swivel stool designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini is a comfortable and versatile seat that can be used all over the house. The shell of the Alo stool is made from moulded curved ..
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