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084 Atacama Carpets
Atacama is a series of rugs made in viscose – a semi-synthetic and highly versatile fibre obtained from cellulose. The rugs have a shiny, smooth and soft appearance, like silk. The viscose brings out the surface details, absorbs and reflects the l..
084 In Touch Carpets
084 Maglia Carpets
Fique is a strong, versatile fibre from Colombia and once used to make coffee sacks and agricultural yarns. Today, the natural fibre is hand spun before being knitted on special long needles for making uniquely beautiful rugs. Maglia, which means..
084 Paglietta Carpets
084 Tantra Carpets
The Tantra rug stems from the hand loom technique, in which production is carried out on a loom using entirely manual processes. Its geometric pattern, obtained by repeating a simple pattern memorized by the weaver, recalls the rigorous and accura..
088 Bomaki Object
Bomaki is an oriental-inspired vase with a simple shape in exotic colours that reflect through the transparent glass. It is available in two heights, 30 and 14cm, in transparent amethyst and transparent green glass...
088 Coral Object
Inspired by coral and its characteristic twisted shapes, the organic form of the Coral vase looks like it has been molded by the sea’s currents. The vase is in hand-blown venetian glass with a textured net finish reminiscent of a coral’s irregular..
088 Jelly Object
Like a bright coloured jellyfish, the Jelly vase plays with light, transparency and lightness. Made in hand-blown venetian glass, it is available in h.16cm in transparent amethyst or smoked glass...
088 Silvan Object
Inspired by a lily and its sinuous shape that retains water, Silvan is a hand-blown venetian glass vase available in two heights, 38 and 26cm, in shaded pink or shaded amethyst...
089 Bollicosa Lamps
A new collection of lamps by Cassina for a complete and homely atmosphere Cassina launches its first collection of lamps to enhance and complete its living and dining settings. The collection triggers a harmonious dialogue between the product..
089 Bushmills
Inspired by the rock formation of the Irish cliffs, Giant’s Causeway, and its distinctive hexagonal rocks rising out of the sea, Bushmills is a ceiling lamp available in one size. It is a remarkable scenic presence available in black stru..
089 Constellation & Starburst
Constellation and Starbust expand the possibilities of using Bollicosa lamp diffusers with new solutions, inspired by the astral bodies that illuminate the universe. A circular ceiling chandelier, Constellation, is a  single diameter of 1..
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