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El Greco Contracts LTD

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Console-table. Signed original. Frame in black lacquered wood. Hand- decorated edge in blue and green. Feet in silver-plated brass. Top in black painted plate glass..
Albero Flowerpot Stand
Demountable flowerpot stand. Painted steel frame in the shades black, white, amaranth or green. Pot-holder dishes in black polyamide. Black polypropylene feet...
Chest. Signed original. Elm-wood frame. Maple panels with polychrome inlays. Inside with drop-front drawer...
Armchair, monobloc, modular sofas, poufs. Steel feet, chromium-plated or varnished graphite, or with natural or black nickel-satin finish. Steel frame. Elastic strips suspension. Upholstery in polyurethane/heat-bound polyester fibre. Fabric or l..
Bedroom piece. Signed original. Wooden frame with polychrome inlay. Inside are a drawer and a rod for clothes hangers...
Small table. Plywood frame veneered with natural oak. Tempered plate glass tops. ..
Double height small table with variable spread. Frame in medium density fiberboard finished with scratch resistant embossing in the shades white, black or burgundy. Steel articulated joint in the shade black for the models black or bur..
Tables. Base and top in Cristalplant®, composite material based on polyester and acrylic resins, loaded with minerals and mass pigmented in the shade of matt white. For the model 2577/C the top is in tempered, extraclear, acidated plate gla..
Monobloc and modular sofas, pouf. Polished aluminum alloy, or with natural or black nickel-satin finish, or black painted. Steel frame. Elastic strips suspension. Upholstery in graduated polyurethane/ Dacron Du Pont. Seat cushion in polyurethane..
Small table. Bent plywood frame, veneered with natural, white or black painted oak. Top in tempered plate glass. ..
Chest of drawers. Nine originals numbered and signed. Frame and feet in wood, polychrome inlay. Handles in red anodised aluminum. Drawer interiors in natural beech. Each series features a different colour sequence of the wooden inla..
Chair. Signed original. Seatrest in polished and veneered pearwood. Backrest in open pore veneered ash, lacquered in lilac, pink and green. Cushion fabric in the same shade...
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