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061 Carpets Outdoor


This rug is inspired by Arabesque motifs and the “lace” decoration of the facades and doors of the Alhambra palace in the Andalusian city of Granada: a piece of architecture which over the centuries has seduced and inspired writers and artists of the calibre of Washington Irving, Alexandre Dumas, Honoré Daumier and Eugène Delacroix. As such, the graphical project of Alhambra represents the meeting of eastern culture and western geometries through different colour combinations: green/grey, grey/anthracite grey, grey/blue, grey/red. The four versions, in the single size 200x300 cm, are in synthetic fibre: 100% recycled PET.


Tantra Outdoor

The Tantra rug is produced using a hand loom with all processes carried out manually. Its geometric pattern, obtained through the repetition of a simple design memorised by the weaver, recalls the rigorous, exact decorations obtained with the formal use of colour found in many Indian temples. Available in grey, hemp and petrol blue in technical polyester yarn, a versatile, resistant material that guarantees the UV stability of the colours.



The Circus rugs are inspired by the fascinating and fantastical worlds of the big top and the targets used by performers and acrobats in their shows. Concentric bands of different colours, from the softest - grey/blue and grey/burgundy - to the most vibrant and varied - grey/burgundy/melange/forest green/blue and grey/blue/forest green/olive green – create a bewitching colour effect that dialogues with both the dining and living furnishings in more discreet scenarios or more eclectic compositions. Circus is made from hand-loomed polypropylene yarn: a hi-tech material that guarantees the UV stability of the colours, versatility and resistance; it is also respectful of human health and, being 100% recyclable with low environmental impact, eco-friendly.



Spider is a weave of different colours. Processing the polypropylene like a fabric with automatic looms, the three yarns - blue, burgundy and beige - create a discreet and elegant tartan that goes with any furniture arrangement as well as upholstery in different materials. The fibre is hi-tech, versatile and resistant. It guarantees the UV stability of the colours, respects human health and, being 100% recyclable with low environmental impact, is also eco-friendly.