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The fundamental concept behind the Alcove product line – creating places of shelter and seclusion – is especially evident in the Alcove Highback Sofa. Within the high side and back panels of the Alcove Highback Sofa, sitters are shielded both visually and acoustically from the surrounding environment. This effect is even more pronounced when two sofas are positioned across from each other to make a ‚room within a room‘.

With slightly lower panels, the comfortable Alcove Sofa is an inviting spot for open, animated conversation – or simply a place to read, chat or enjoy a relaxing break.

About Designer
Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby
Edward Barber, born in Shrewsbury in 1969, and Jay Osgerby, born in Oxford in 1969, studied architecture and interior design as fellow students at the Royal College of Art in London. In 1996, they founded their own studio for design and architecture under the name Barber & Osgerby. Since that time, their collaborative work has probed the interface between industrial design, furniture design and architecture.