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Les Grands Trans-Parents

A mirror that reveals its special, unexpected, touch wherever it is used, the enigmatic wordplay screen-printed on the glass merging with whatever is being reflected. Created by Man Ray, the American painter, photographer and film-maker. One of the more radical and multi-talented exponents of both Dada and Surrealism, he was particularly renowned for his love of experimentation, which included his achieving some extremely innovative results using air-brushes, photographic film, and common objects. This oval mirror, is backed with stiff polyurethane, and derives from a larger piece created by the artist, adapting a Surrealist artwork into an object for everyday use. This mirror has been in production since 1971, as part of Ultramobile SimonCollezione. 

About Designer
Man Ray

Philadelphia/Paris, 1890/1976

U.S. painter, photographer, film maker; one of the founders of the New York Dada movement, long associated with Surrealism, was, by temperament an eclectic. In the 1920s and 1930s he worked in Paris, mainly as a photographer: he and Moholy-Nagy explored the principles of space and motion in a type of photography that bypassed the camera and concerned itself with forms produced directly on photographic printing paper.

He realizes his first rayogrammes, one of the most extraordinary inventions of the XX century: images obtained from photosensitive materials, exposed without the use of targets and cameras, and without the mediation of negative, realized by dipping the object directly inside the emulsion liquid. A random discover: “a piece of paper was accidentally ended up into the emulsion", this is what Man Ray himself will write in his biography in 1963.