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A familiar figure on many modern antiques’ and collectors’ sites, Feltri is a summation of thinking about figuration in the hybrid zone where the artistic meets the functional. One of a kind, this piece stands out for its enormous flexibility and for the fact that the mattress-like seat can be upholstered in wide array of fabrics. These can be mixed and matched with the six new colour options of the frame, to provide a total of ten colourways. Feltri was created within Cassina’s Research Centre, a place synonymous with experimentation and constructional avant-garde thinking. Here, Gaetano Pesce dedicated time and thought to the design, in the process thinking up a complex new manufacturing process that was later patented by the company. Created entirely from dense wool felt, the pliable, wrap-around back is all one piece. The lower section, meanwhile, is rigid and sturdy, thanks to being impregnated with a thermosetting resin. The seat is attached to the frame using hemp ties; these also extend around the chair’s upper part. A comfortable quilt, coupled with polyester wadding, serves to upholster the inner section of the chair.

About Designer
Gaetano Pesce

Gaetano Pesce was born in La Spezia in 1939. He studied architecture at the IUAV in Venice, and attended the Venice Institute of Industrial design. At this experimental school, he met Milena Vettore with whom he opened a studio in Padua, founding in 1959 the “N” Group which focussed on with studies in programmed art. He carries out research in the field of kinetic and serial art. He is in the theatre and the cinema, concerned with lighting, movement and sound as means of expression. Since 1962 he has worked in design, experimenting with new materials and unusual shapes. In 1971 he collaborated with BracciodiFerro (in the Cassina group) for the production of certain experimental objects (like Moloch, 1971, a table lamp blown up to the dimensions of an ironic and emblematic item). In 1972 he took part in the famous exhibition “Italy: The New Domestic Landscape” at MoMA in New York, with a dwelling module. Experimentation and irony are also exhibited in his projects for Cassina, amongst which the Tramonto a New York sofa (1980) and the Feltri armchair (1987). After a long period in Paris, he moved to New York in 1983 and now lives and works there. Examples of his work may be found in the most important design museums all over the world.